Onboarding T-12

Each corporatation decides on what project to run in Beyond. Their decision is followed by one month of onboarding. This process includes an assessment of maturity level that will determine a specific measurable objective for each case and determine the following eight month's check points and start of coaching.


Acceleration T-11 to T-4

Support is given for eight months with a base camp at Ideon in Lund, Sweden, as well as work space at other sites suitable for each case. The support is given in two parts; recurrent activities and tailored events. Amongst the recurrent activities you find IPR Strategy Flyover, Challenge Dojo, Customer Hearing, Tech Wiz Day and tailored event could for example be a factory design WS and a HR/hiring planning.

Take Off

Take Off T-3

During three months, explore the conditions for the future growth of the project; should it become its own company or are the conditions better internally? Develop operational plan, sales organisation and go to market strategy.