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BEYOND is a joint initiative by Ideon Open and RISE. Participating companies will act within one of Europe’s most innovative environments, Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden.



Heart beat, encouragement, challenge and access to subject matter experts.


Value Creation Model, Validation Board, Customer Value Proposition, Business Model Canvas.


Activity based workspace, open gatherings, networking and sharing ideas and experiences.


Pitchers Corner, Challenge Dojo, Digital Power Hour, Tech Wiz Day, IP Flyover.


• How do we handle IPR in Open Innovation projects?
– At the start of each project, we address how to work with Open Innovation and IPRs. We also arrange regular IP Flyover events that address IP questions in relation to Open Innovation. In general, it can be said that you should be open with what challenge you try to address, but not always with the specifics of your solution. At specific events, participants might also have to sign a simple agreement that regulates IPR before attending the event.

• How do we find a good project to start with?
– There are many ways to get started. A popular way is to ask Ideon Open to host a “Challenge Selection Day” where challenges are articulated and prioritized on an agreed scale.

• We love your service, but have difficulties to take resources out of their ordinary duty. Is there any help to get?
– It is not a good idea to outsource too much of your innovation efforts. However, there are a number of  ways to ease the burden on highly qualified personnel. BEYOND has a strong network of both students and independent consultants that can take on roles, driving the project ahead. In this way, your highly qualified personnel can pitch in perspectives, experience and competence as agreed, but do not need to spend an overwhelmingly amount of time tied in the project.

• How do I really go about getting a decision to engage in BEYOND from my home organization?
– There are a number of reasons why it is sometimes difficult to get to a clear go-ahead decision from your home organization. It might be everything from lack of priority from the board to invest in innovation to difficulty for decision makers to find time to understand how to effectively execute a BEYOND project. We support you with creative sessions to navigate the terrain and find solutions that fit your organization.

• Can I do many different projects within the 12 month period?
– Yes, you can start a new project with a new team every third month. Please refer to our price list for examples.


Ideon Open Digital Morning with Big Science Sweden – December 9th

Ideon Open Digital Morning with Big Science Sweden – December 9th

"Industrial advantage, technology development and innovation – Lund, ESS and Max IV from an international/global perspective". Anna Hall, Program Director at Big Science Sweden, will be our guest speaker this time. Anna will give us a news update about ESS and Max IV as well as an insight into the international ecosystem of research facilities...

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Design and Facilitate Interactive and Engaging Digital Workshops – Dec 14th

Design and Facilitate Interactive and Engaging Digital Workshops – Dec 14th

Learn how you can upgrade from the traditional digital meetings, with very limited interaction, by developing your ability to create and facilitate engaging digital meetings, training sessions and workshops. On the 14th of December, Anders Nilsson and Gustav Widerström from Ideon Open, will run a full-day digital workshop on how to "Create and...

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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator Training in Lund – February 8-11th

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator Training in Lund – February 8-11th

Did you know there is an extensively developed and proven method designed to enhance innovation and business performance based on the LEGO® bricks and originally developed by the LEGO® company? Well, there is! The name is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and it is ideal for situations where you want: To develop and strengthen teams and organisations -...

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