“BEYOND helped us challenge a traditional industry organization, with support and inspiration from other industries. At Inwido we really came together as one team, with common goals, which in the end enabled us to develop a new innovation toolkit that we eventually also brought back to the rest of the organization.”

Johan Ambuhm

Vice President Group Technology & Digital Development, INWIDO

“BEYOND is an inspiring place for us to build and experiment with new ways of working as well as business models. Fast learning and testing of new models and methods as well as learning from others outside our own organization has overall been very useful and energizing for the team.”

Ola Karlsson

R&D and Innovation Director, Saint-Gobain Ceilings Europe and Saint-Gobain Ecophon

“BEYOND gives us methods and coaching to develop innovative projects and concepts, allowing us to create customer value in a faster way. It is also of great importance to us to work close to the vast variety of companies and expertise that exist at Ideon and within the RISE sphere, where we – through BEYOND – have built new, relevant networks involving specialist competence as well as new collaborations.” 

Mikael Dennbo

Innovationsstrateg, Kraftringen

“I learned many new ways of working and I got a new set of tools to share with colleagues at Skanska. Through BEYOND I gained valuable knowledge – indispensable in itself.”

Angelica Malmros

Utvecklingsledare, Skanska