A typical BEYOND project lasts for 12 months, divided into three core phases:

Onboarding and Take Off

Exploration, validation and testing of hypothesis. Build a Value Proposition.

Intensive innovation idea and hypothesis testing as well as maturity assessment of the idea. Determine Target and Innovation Ambition for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Determine focus for each 3-month sprint. 

First Innovation Assessment Board Review at the end of the first 3 months. “Go” or “No Go”.


Full focus on project progress, with base camp at BEYOND.

  1. Participate in recurrent and collaborative events at BEYOND such as Challenge Dojo, Beyond Power Hour, IP Flyover, Tech Wiz Day etc.
  2. Tailored events and workshops to support the project progress
  3. Build a Minimum Viable Product – MVP.

Re-entering the Atmosphere

Prepare the team and the organization for integration of the project in the business. Determine the best conditions for the innovation idea to scale up and grow. Start a new company or incorporate in current company structure. Go-To-Market plan, resource allocation and investment need.  

Examples of BEYOND projects: 


“Albot” refers to one of Alfa Laval’s projects where they created an AI solution for reading and responding to requests for quotation (RFQ) with very large amounts of data.


The Inwido team developed an indoor air quality solution integrated in their windows.

"Sound Circularity"

With an extensive project called “Sound Circularity”, Saint-Gobain Ecophon developed processes for a profitable circular value chain.

"Home Charging"

In their first project named “Home Charging”, Kraftringen created a new offering, a business model and a GTM plan aimed at electric car owners.

"The Upgradable Home"

The team from Skanska explored and tested new digital business models based on smart home solutions.

"Amazing Brazing"

The Gränges team is exploring the application and market feasability of a new vertically integrated product offering.