Online seminar for inspiration and idea generation.

Our population is aging. What demands and needs in terms of housing will older people have in the future, which is coming closer faster than expected? What is required to cater to their needs and demands? Is there any relevant development in the field already?

Welcome to participate in an open seminar where we learn more about the topic and become more informed together. If you would like to get new thoughts and ideas, this seminar is for you. The seminar will be in Swedish. Content:

  • “Framtidens hotell – ett boende för äldre?” – Christian Lundén, Director of Future Business, Nordic Choice Hotels
  • “Från digital förskolerobot till flerspråkig AI-vårdboendeassistent – så gick det till” – Kamran Salehpour, Designer från Sveriges första (?) kommunala innovationsmiljö Hbg Works i Helsingborg
  • “Ett rikare liv för en åldrande befolkning; hur ny teknik förbättrar livskvaliteten för våra äldre” – Magnus Larsson, Head of sales, Phoniro

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Since the turn of the year 2019/2020 there is an initiative originating in the south of Sweden focusing on developing the future of housing. The name for this is Game of Homes. The purpose is to create innovative stakeholder constellations and test open innovation methodologies to cocreate visions and concrete solutions leading to more relevant and affordable housing in the future. Ideon Open designed the open innovation process to create new solutions and visions for the topic. Contact Gustav Widerström if you would like more information:, +46 70 851 35 85.