MARCH 10 @8:30-9:30, meeting via Zoom.

This morning the theme is “disruptive future”. Our guest Niklas Madsen, Trendscout/Design & Innvation Manager at SUPERLAB, will be sharing highlights from the upcoming book of insights and foresights of how everything will change. He will take us through topics like the 4.0 industrial revolution, AI, buying patterns of different generations and how we will live and work in the future. Perhaps best phrased in this paragraph from the book:

“Sensors are collecting data about our behaviors and artificial intelligence will design our future homes and offices.
Digitalization questions the norm of how and where work is being done, and our buying behaviors are radically changing.
The pandemic forced all generation to learn how to work remote, do we really need our physical office spaces now?
In other words we are in the middle of an unstoppable paradigm shift that will affect environments of the future.
Crazy today, the obvious tomorrow – this is already the new normal.”

Join the Zoom meeting on March 10:

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